Whats the Spice Mr Wolf

Product Photography is not only the essential on-white pack shots used in online shopping, it can also be a more creative process that produces images suitable for promotion or advertising. Images are almost always a customers first contact with a product or brand and when launching both its essential that the client has both true pack shots to accurately represent the product and more creative lifestyle images to advertise it.

Mr Wolf has been producing spice mixes used by top chefs for years and now the unique blends are being released for the general public to enjoy. The new range has something for every palette and dish, from your tasty curry mix or middle eastern blend to tasty Italian mixes.

After years of use in the industry these blends are now set to spice up the taste buds of anyone interested in cooking.

Developed in Newcastle the blends are named in very humorous and descriptive Geordie slang with names like “Wor Little Sistas Curry Pooda” and “Toon Curry Pooda”. Don’t let this little slice of humour fool you, contained within every pack is years of hard work in producing sophisticated flavors that are used by many of the top chefs to enhance their dishes.


Mr Wolf approached PHP to produce on-white packshots for their new online store and some more creative images to use on social media and advertising. After some discussions and sampling of the products (product photographers do get the occasional benefits) we organised a shoot that would produce images which work with the brand to launch the products. Time and props were limited so we worked with an idea of what we wanted and improvised the styling to produce a series of images which would help the brand launch.

In addition to the more creative images, on-white pack shots of every blend were produced to ensure that the product is accurately represented within their online store and an interactive 360 of one of the packs was created to allow customers to get that little bit closer to the product, read the labels and see the blend before trying it.

Try out the Mr Wolf, drag the pack about and double click to zoom in on details.

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Works on Desktop and Mobile Devices

What looks good in 360?

Flagship Products
Clothing (360xl Service)
People (360xl Service)
Anything you want people to be able to see in glorious interactive  3D!
Let your imagination run wild, you can present anything interactively,
on any background and it works on any device!

The photography is one element of the launch material, significant time has been taken developing  the blends in the real world with real chefs to ensure that the products customers receive will be the very best possible.

If you want to know more or want to try their blends there is a 20% launch discount on their website available from 1st February until 16th February, just visit the website and sign up to their mailing list to get your special offer  www.mrwolfspices.com

For more information on the photography services used by Mr Wolf, please contact Philip Hunton Photography on 0191 236 1017 or email info@philiphunton.co.uk to see how we can help you represent your products.