Videography, Photography & Editing for COVID 19 Control Focused Business

The world has changed in the last few months and businesses are making great efforts to change along with it, a new business approached PHP to produce a video and product image to promote their fast, efficient and thorough method for disinfecting large spaces.

Trust 360, a new business in Newcastle, approached PHP with a brand new system which disinfects large spaces in a matter of minutes. The groundbreaking new electrostatic spray combined with a new disinfectant can completely disinfect a room in a matter of a few minutes and is already in great demand with schools and other large and small spaces.

PHP had a short time frame and small budget to produce a video and product image that showed how effective the new spray system was versus traditional trigger and pumps sprays. The client was very helpful and already had a concept in mind, which saved a lot of time and money on the production side. It was down to PHP to work out how to shoot it and edit it into a short but informative video that would capture the audience and quickly communicate the message. The fascinating thing about the system is its ability to deliver the disinfectant (non harmful to equipment, humans or animals) around objects quickly and effectively.

Trust 360 electrostatic spray with specially developed non-harmful disinfectant that can cover a huge area in minutes

In total we had only 3 1/2 hours to shoot the video and get the product picture, editing was done in an afternoon and the video was ready to go live the next day. PHP also created a simple logo sting to head up the video, cut, title, sourced and licensed suitable audio for the project. Obviously full social distancing was observed during the shoot and after, as Philip works alone much of the time this wasn’t an issue. PHP has all the necessary precautions in place including gloves, masks, sanitiser and anti bacterial wipes which are all used regularly.

Trust 360 have already taken many bookings for treatments and with no end in sight with regards to the pandemic they will be very busy for the foreseeable future. If you would like to contact Trust 360 or see how they used the video and photography visit their website:

If you would like to find out how PHP could help your business through video or photography please contact Philip on 0191 237 1017 or email