Reusaboo, it’s made from bamboo!

Reusaboo are a new eco friendly brand offering a product to replace the single use cups used by many café’s and coffee shops. The cup itself is made from biodegradable bamboo fibre and arrives in a 100% recyclable packaging.

The reduced use of single use plastics is essential and there are plenty of offerings on the market as alternatives, but this design features a rubber stopper to prevent spillages. The rubber sleeve helps with grip and keeps the hands away from the warm or cold bamboo surface when filled.

PHP provided a variety of product shots for use on Amazon, the shots showed all of the features of the product and a selection of lifestyle shots created in collaboration with a local model.

In total a package containing over 20 images suitable for promoting the product on Amazon and social media were supplied via online photocloud where the client was able to monitor their progress.

The images were used on the Reusaboo official website and the Reusaboo Bamboo Coffee Cups are available now on Amazon.

Reusable Bamboo Coffee Cup

If you would like more information on product photography for Amazon sellers then please contact the studio for details