Have a heart this valentines courtesy of Candlelight

New client Candlelight approached PHP to provide photography for their new scented products to be sold on Amazon and Ebay. Candlelight needed fast turnaround, high quality images that meet Amazons specific requirements and PHP was there to help.

The new products consisted of scented candles and diffusers presented in packaging that really enhances their product, making it feel really special. The products are nice fresh scents and were enhanced greatly by the well designed and produced packaging that in itself could be a stand alone product.

Philip Hunton Photography has produced over 500 images specifically for use on Amazon and are very aware of what works in terms of sales. Key images for Amazon include accurate and detailed images which represent exactly what the customer can expect to receive together and these are often partnered with lifestyle images showing the product in use. 

On this occasion time and budget were the key elements, Candlelight, as a new setup, had a limited budget and had a very short timescale to get the images live and working for them so decisions had to be made with regards to the images produced. 

PHP provides two options for on-white product photography: a budget option at £10 per image which provides the same quality and images as the premium image option but only low resolution images are provided (600 x 600 pixels) which allows a good representation on Amazon but no zoom function in their API and limited detail, but the client does still have the option to purchase the high resolution images at a later date. The premium option provides the same images but in glorious high resolution, bursting with detail meaning when a customers mouse rolls over the image on Amazon and large and detailed representation of the product is shown to the customer, letting them see more detail.

Here are the links to the products to see the image in situ:





On this occasion Candlelight went for the budget option, 600 x 600 pixel, clean and crisp product images to start the listings and to begin the growth process on Amazon. This lower initial outlay means they can begin generating sales and upgrade the images at any time in the future should they find customers demand them.

PHP produced 13 images in total for Candlelight, retouching any minor imperfections (such as dust on the packaging) and formatting the images to best suit Amazon, delivering them to the client within 24 hours of the shoot. 

For more information on how PHP can help you with product photography, contact the studio on +44191 236 2027 or email info@philiphunton.co.uk