For Our Seas Health (FOSH) Ltd

The UK alone uses over 7 million disposable coffee cups per day, cups that cannot be recycled and all too often find their way into our planets beautiful oceans.

FOSH are a new company producing stylish and far more environmentally friendly options for all hot or cold beverages. The stylish aluminium vacuum sealed bottles and insulated cups offer a reusable option for your drinks. Some drinks outlets and coffee shops are even offering good discounts if the customer uses their own cup or bottle.

Keep it hot, Keep it cool, Keep it stylish

Reuseable vacuum sealed bottles for hot and cold beverages.

Although the company was established in 2018, their product development has gone on longer. FOSH pride themselves on a quality product which is designed to reduce the need for single use plastics in the lives of its customers. The need to replace single use plastics has never been greater and every bottle is designed and produced with this in mind, even the packaging is 100% recyclable as well as attractive and functional.

Fosh Packaging

FOSH 100% recycleable packaging

FOSH approached PHP with a view to producing product photography which accurately represents the high quality design and finish of the product.

Once we received the products in the studio we had to find a lighting style that would work for the range of finishes that the product comes in. The products are available in matt, gloss, patterned and mirror finishes and finding a suitable lighting style which would work throughout the range was the priority.

After trying several setups we developed a style that would show off the product and the finish to a level that means even if the client wanted to print the images large on exhibition material they could safe in the knowledge that the products would look great and customers could see every detail in the design and finish.

The final product shots were complimented by an intereactive 360 of one of the stylish patterned bottles to allow customers to look round and zoom in on details.

Try out the FOSH Bottle, drag the bottle about and double click to zoom in on details.

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In all over 50 images were produced for their online store and the images were also used by their retail customers to showcase the product. FOSH offer a range of stylish and practical products that can help reduce the waste from disposable coffee cups that cant be recycled, do your but and visit their website, choose your style and get a discount at many coffee shops for using your own cup!

Its good to see a company releasing products intended to reduce the need for single use plastics, especially when they are not just practical, but stylish and good value too. Why not check out their products yourself on their stylish website

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