Crisp & Clean Product Images for Online Stores

Good product photography is critical when launching an online store, it is the only connection customers have with the products that you are selling. When combined with stylish design the images can be used in a variety of different ways to present your products well across all media platforms.

Local fashion brand, Annie Hood approached the studio to photograph their new collection of clothing. The brief was to photograph the products showing off their clean designs and quality materials. Though the time scale for the shoot was very short, no shortcuts were taken when preparing the products for shooting.

Each garment was removed from its packet, carefully steamed and cleaned with a brush to remove any dust, fluff or threads. It was then onto the mannequin to be styled ready for shooting. It’s noticing the details during the preparation that saves time during the developing and finishing stages later on.

Each shot was carefully framed, shot and moved into the next position ready for the next shot, the mannequin was undressed and the process started again. Great care was taken at every stage to ensure the clothing looked right, sat on the mannequin well and required minimal retouching afterwards which can be very time consuming and therefore expensive.

Once approved (and tweaked if necessary) all of the shots are exported and are ready to bee digitally shipped out to the client. Every shot is delivered through a private drop box where the client can view, share or download the images for 30 days following their shoot from anywhere in the world on any device.

When dressing the products it is essential to take into account the materials used in their production to determine the best way to get the items to sit on the mannequin. We don’t just want the mannequin to look lifeless, we want it to show the items in a natural and real way.

Throughout the process, the client is kept informed of progress and any issues regarding how garments should look are checked. It is this attention to detail that will help your product stand out and attract customers.


Over 100 quality on-white product images were delivered in a very short time scale

The final piece of the process is the implementation of the images within their designs in both online and printed marketing material.

Good quality images sell more products, its as simple as that, but to get good quality images you need to invest time, preparation and technical knowledge. Philip Hunton Photography offers a service that is more than just taking a photograph, we care about your product as much as you do, we want your products to look great and sell well.

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