Cooking up Tasty images that work

In a modern world where online sales grow year by year, it is essential to have all the photographic elements necessary to present and promote products. As buyers often no longer have a real world view of products they rely on accurate and detailed photography to view and decide upon potential purchases. As the decision to purchase is often made purely from the imagery it is essential those images are not only flattering to the product, but accurate and detailed to ensure the customer feels they have all of the information they need to make an informed purchase.

PHP has produced over 5000 product images for clients operating online stores and selling on Amazon that are used to promote and sell products online to customers throughout the world. Those images are often used for 3 plus years on websites to present and sell the products to customers. Since 2007 PHP has learned what works, both from a retailers perspective and from a customer’s perspective and developed services that provide content so retailers and distributors have the essential tools required to make sales and customers get the best possible view of the products on offer.

A small selection of on-white, creative and advertising images for retailers created for online and print media

The on-white photograph is a key part to any product sales, they must present the products as the customer will receive them. Often this includes an overview of the product and packaging, several angles of the product itself and several images showing the features of the products in detail. Combine these with quality creative advertising images, which focus less on presenting reality and more on creating a desire and projecting a lifestyle, and as a retailer or distributor you have all the tools you need to create a desire for a product and accurately inform the customer of what they will receive on purchase.

PHP has developed a range of services that provides the retailers and distributors with essential images, advertising images, interactive content and video that is proven to generate sales and in several cases significantly increase them in an incredibly short time and continue to drive sales for the lifetime of the product both in their native website or store and in social media. These services are:

  1. Crisp, clean & accurate on-white and ghost mannequin product photography – This is essential for any online store be it Amazon, Ebay or a clients own website, the images are accurate, uniform and high quality ensuring the product is well represented by the client and for the customer.

  2. Creative advertising imagery – Ideal for creating a desire for a product be presenting the lifestyle a client would like to associate with it, create a positive feeling and to generate interest. This can include stylised images with models, beautifully lit images which create intrigue or imaginative cinematic stills which generates a reaction from its viewers.

  3. Video Content – PHP has provided creative online video content for customers to use within their website, on social media and in broadcast packages.

  4. Interactive content – This content is usually used within a clients website, PHP creates 360 degree interactive elements which allows customers to interactively look around a product, zoom in on details and at least partially bridges the gap between still images and the tactile nature of picking up a product in a store and looking round it in person.

What is clear is that online sales are going to continue to grow and therefore sales and advertising imagery are becoming more and more important to present and promote products. Without good imagery, how can you really expect a customer to want to purchase a product?

Through experience,  imagination and innovation, PHP will create images that will help any business present and promote a product to generate desire and sales for the lifetime of the product.

If you would like more information on product photography for print, websites or Amazon sellers then please contact the studio on 0191 236 1017 or for details.