Capturing the heart of a business

People are the key to any business and capturing colleagues working together can quickly and simply get across the heart of a business and its most important assets.

Capturing the people in any business will help communicate to potential clients who you are and how you work. I like to get a good mix of shots focusing on individuals within the business and interactions between colleagues, this can be done by sitting in on meetings or often I find people more willing to take part if approached just before or just after their meeting.

I particularly enjoy commercial assignments, they offer me a chance to observe and learn about the working practices of many different types of business while meeting interesting people and capturing images that represent the business.

Every company is different, but at the core of every successful business is its people. The people in a business are the most important part, they communicate with clients, suppliers and project the values of the business wherever they operate.


By combining environmental portraits with individual portraits and groups shots you can give a client a true picture of what your business is about and the people at its core.


Preparation is key to a successful and efficient shoot, understanding the spaces in which we have to work, available light and getting an idea for final compositions. For every commercial shoot I like to meet and discuss the photographic needs with the client prior to the shoot, this also gives me a chance to see how the business operates and the type of environment we will be shooting in.


Every business has people at its heart, people at every level working together to provide a service. At PHP [Philip Hunton Photography] we work with the client and the staff to produce images that project the brand values of the company, allowing them to fully utilise the assets at their disposal.

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