360 Degrees of beauty

The continuing growth in online retail means that to stand out in a crowded market place, retailers have to be constantly developing new ways to engage customers. Beauty brand Niré, have an established customer base online and were looking continue building their brand through experimenting with new ways of presenting their products and they chose Philip Hunton Photography to help them do just that.

Try looking round the Niré Premium Silver set, drag round and double click to zoom in.

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Its essential to show customers just what they are buying, by providing a 360 view of the product the customers can explore at their leisure. In the case of Niré, customers can see the beautifully made and presented products up close from almost any angle.
PHP lit the products to bring out each of the sets different finishes and features, while Niré dressed the products and helped create the compositions, thinking about the product spin throughout placement.


Throughout the shoot we would produce 2-3 360s per product and test them to see which composition and lighting worked best for interactivity when on the website. Recording lighting setups an compositions that worked as we worked through.

It took time to perfect the 360s but on completion they were delivered as interactive 360s, HD square format Gifs & Videos and 1920 x 1080 Full HD MP4 files. The media supplied was enough to keep social media busy for a while and customers very happy that the beautiful products they are seeing is what they can expect to receive.

Every detail of the products was recorded to provide customers with an incredible experience while browsing and the Niré team were so pleased with the 360s they commissioned 4k UHD videos of each setup in addition to the interactive 360.

Niré products can be found on their online store (www.nirebeauty.com) or on Amazon search Nire beauty to find them.

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Here are some direct links to the Nire website and storefront:

Amazon storefront: Nire store on Amazon
website: www.nirebeauty.com

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