When it comes to advertising, a more creative approach is often the best way to attract the attention of your target audience. Grab their attention with quality creative photography from PHP.

For a flagship product or a new launch, creative product photography is ideal to wet the appetites of your potential customers. Show your customers how your products can positively impact their lives with creative lighting, sets, models and most importantly ideas.


When working with PHP, you are not just getting pictures, you are getting ideas,  creativity and many years of experience which all contribute to creating images that draw attention, promote your product and project quality.


Contact the studio, pop in for a coffee and lets discuss how creative imagery can communicate your desired message.

Our creative product photography service includes:


  • Hero Product Photography
  • Advertising Photography
  • Social Media Photography


If you have a commercial photographic requirement not listed, get in touch. Every shoot is quoted for individually.


All of the images produced by PHP are supplied with a commercial use license, if you require full ownership of the images, let us know and we will produce a price for the transfer of copyright.


Contact the studio today to discuss your creative project 0191 236 1017